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Australian Animal Gifts

Koala Love from Down Under

9 total reviews

$99.95 $109.95
Koala Toy - Tilly Music Box $52.95
Koala Toy - Banjo Koala Music Box $52.95
Kangaroo Toy - Kylie $50.95
Koala Toy - Keith Koala

1 total reviews

Tea Towel - Gang Gang Cockatoo and Banksias $36.95
Tea Towel - Magpie Talks $36.95
Tea Towel - Eastern Pygmy Possum $36.95
Tea Towel - Regent Honeyeaters $36.95
Apron - Galah $34.95
Bilby - Belinda

2 total reviews

$32.95 $34.95
Koala Toy - Kimmy Koala White $21.95
LA LA LAND COFFEE CUP - Good times together $19.95
La La Land Travel Pouch - Good Times Together $18.95 $21.90
Australian Animal Socks - Black (Womens)

1 total reviews

Australian Animal Socks - Blue (Womens)

1 total reviews

Cosmetic Bag - Galah CW from $16.95
La La Land Coin Purse - Tropicana Australiana $11.90
La La Land Coin Purse - Tropicana Australiana Vol. 2 $10.95 $11.90
Tray Small - Festive Forest $9.99 $12.95
La La Land Coin Purse - Festive Forest $9.95 $11.90
La La Land Coin Purse - Sesame Street Down Under $8.95 $11.90
Coaster Single - Tropicana Australiana Flowers $6.95
Coaster Single - Enchanted Garden Birds $6.95
Coaster Single - Enchanted Garden Koala $6.95
Australian Animal Gift Ideas

Australian Animal Gifts – Do they just love all the unique Australian animals?

Or are you looking for a fun unique souvenir that best represents Australia?

Check out our selection below featuring the cutest and most adored furry & winged Aussie natives;

or browse your favourite animal by clicking on these links whether it be Australian birds (see specifically the most popular kookaburras and blue wrens here); a echidnakoala, kangarooplatypus, wombat, or even Aussie fish!

Please note due to the declining manufacturing industry in Australia, not all our products are made in Australia.

However we’ve got you covered if Australian made is important to you! If you are after Australian made gifts only, please see our Australian made gift category here.