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The Story of the Macadamia Nut - from Patons Australia

The Story of the Macadamia Nut - from Patons Australia

Macadamia nuts are loved the world over, but did you know that these delicious nuts are native to Australia, and have always been considered a delicacy?

Australian macadamia nuts

We love their story - as described by Patons Australia - who sell premium macadamias covered in toffee, espresso chocolate and more!

The story of the Macadamia Nut

Chocolate covered macadamia nuts"The story of the macadamia began thousands of years ago, in the rainforest along the north east coast of Australia. 

The macadamia tree became known as 'Kindal Kindal'.

Aboriginal peoples had other names for macadamia including Boombera and Baupal.

Macadamias were not a staple fare; they were considered a delicacy and treasured wherever they were found.

Used as special ceremonial gifts in inter-tribal corroberees, they were also traded between Aboriginal Tribes.

For thousands of years Australia has given the macadamia nut as a treasured gift. Travel, story-telling and gift giving with the macadamia nut have gone hand in hand probably since the beginning of mankind".


Macadamia nuts as the perfect gift from Australia

While some people just want to share Vegemite, really, international people HATE the taste of it - and is that really the lasting impression you want to leave them with?!

So because the macadamia nut is so revered, (and so delicious of course!), the macadamia nut makes the perfect gift from Australia. We love the Patons range, as they are an Australian owned company making these beautiful gifts right here in Australia.

They love what we love - creating a quality product and wrapping it in beautiful packaging that features our native flora and fauna.

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