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Podcast Overview - The Stories Behind the Gifts


Welcome to the I Still Call Australia Home podcast - your fortnightly dose of inspiration and joy sparked by the wild splendour of Australia. The podcast is hosted by Felicia Rusher - founder of I Still Call Australia - this ecommerce store right here, selling gifts that spark joy and delight using wild Australia as their theme.

Discover the Creators

Felicia will be be taking you on the road, sharing inspiring stories of amazing Australians who are creators of products & experiences; using our land, native animals and wildlife as their muse. We hope you become as inspired by their stories as we are …. .so like and subscribe to the podcast on your favourite player; then sit back, relax, and enjoy the episodes below.🥰



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Meet the Founders and Creators


Elie Azzi Christmas Special

CEO/Co-Founder/Creative Director - La La Land

Discover the inspiration behind La La Land's iconically Australian Christmas gift ranges - as told by Elie Azzi - Co-founder, Owner and Creative Director. Plus learn how you could win a tree full of baubles and sprinklings of Christmas Cheer! (only until 11th Nov 2021).... yes! Enjoy this latest installment of the I Still Call Australia podcast.


Emma Cook

Founder and Director - The Australian Natural Soap Company

Today we're in the Dandenong region of Victoria, Australia, discovering how Emma Cook, founder of The Australian Natural Soap Company is living her values by creating prodcuts that are good for your skin, and great for the planet. We love how Emma is living those values in every aspect of her business from sourcing, production and distribution... while also showcasing native Australian ingredients from Australian farmers; and supporting habitat reforestation for Orangutangs in Borneo. Wonderful! Learn how she does this and get inspired by native Australian ingredients and helping our planet in this inspiring episode. Check out the episode by clicking your favourite podcast player below, or click on the play button below to listen straight away via Apple Podcasts


Kara Cooper

Founder and Artist - Mount Vic and Me

Today I’ll be taking you to the Blue Mountains, in NSW, to discover how Kara Cooper of ‘Mount Vic and Me’ started her business, where she gets her inspiration for her Political designs; her passion for birds; and how she loves depicting Australia’s lesser known natives. You’ll love hearing her stories of the inspiration behind her bright and beautiful Australian figures, scenes and landscapes; even though she comes to us from a cold and snowy day in NSW.


Victoria McGrane

Founder and Illustrator - The Scenic Route

Today we're seeing Australia through the eyes of Victoria McGrane, Founder and illustrator behind The Scenic Route. Learn how Victoria's passion for travelling Australia inspires her artwork, and her interesting experience living in a church bus called Daisy when COVID hit. If you've ever wanted to travel around Australia on a bus; or want to be inspired to start your own business; or perhaps you just love Victoria's amazing artwork and want to learn more about her story, hop on and enjoy this episode.


Heide Hackworth

Founder and MD - Earth Greetings

Today we're in Adelaide in South Australia, discovering how Heide Hackworth (above, left), founder of Earth Greetings created a carbon-neutral business well before 100% recycled paper was even available in Australia. Her passion for creating a brighter future for our wildlife and our planet shines through in this special episode and in her beautiful business. Learn how Earth Greetings is helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions; regenerating land across Australia, and helping our wildlife prosper.


Elie Azzi

CEO/Co-Founder/Creative Director - La La Land

Discover the story of La La Land - a leading Australian giftware brand, design studio, and publisher of artists and illustrators - as told by Elie Azzi - Co-founder, Owner and Creative Director. Learn of his humble beginnings; his creative design process that uses history, nature and art as its muse (with an Aussie twist of course!); and some sneak peaks at what's to come. Yes! This is a special episode that demonstrates how the passion of one Australian has paved the way - and continues to pave the way - for native Australian-themed motifs on gifts and homewares that we see from many brands today.


Oliver Parsons

CEO/Co-Founder - Peggy and Finn

Have you ever wondered what it's REALLY like to own your own business? As any business owner will tell you, it's not all unicorns and rainbows. In this episode, discover how Olly Parsons, CEO and co-founder of Peggy and Finn, survived and thrived during COVID while completely losing their main customer base - the wedding market. Wow! This episode demonstrates the difference a special combination of ingenuity, guts and hard work can make.


Arabella Lubbers

Founder and Maker - Bushwalk Candles

Learn how Arabella Lubbers, founder of Bushwalk Candles, creates unique, Australian made scents to transport anyone who smells them to the Australian bush; while also supporting local beekeepers. Amazing! 🥰.. and you won't believe which iconic Australian poet is in her family tree when you go back.... listen to find out!