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Lightweight Gifts

Lightweight gifts for sending overseas - our lowest price shipping cost for sending internationally with the exception of greeting cards!

(If you want to send just a card from $4.00 - it's the cheapest way to say g'day - see here for info!)

We understand international shipping IS expensive. In fact, we don't make any money on our shipping rates as they cover an express service, with all customs paperwork completed, door-to-door tracking, and duties/taxes paid on your behalf.

In this section you can take advantage and make some big savings on our new, cheaper international express shipping rates for light-weight and small gifts.

Here you'll find gifts that weigh 400g or under, which qualifies them for a flat rate, $34.95 premium express international shipping rate.

If you ever want to check the weight of the product you're buying, you can find it on the product page under the tab section called 'weight' - just make sure the total doesn't exceed  400g to take advantage of this lowest cost shipping rate we offer.

Enjoy! 🥳🥳🥳