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Our Guaranteed delivery policy protects you for sending gifts via the post.

Please see below for detail of where the guaranteed delivery applies or does not apply.

Please note - delays to delivery overseas due to customs or other issues beyond our control will not be refunded and are not covered if your gift is ultimately delivered.


Please note the guaranteed delivery policy does not apply to International PO Boxes, which we do not send to.



  • Correct contact name, correct address, and correct local phone number for the receiver overseas
  • You and/or the receiver have provided any additional information requested by ourselves or customs in a timely manner;
  • Parcel has not been released from customs after 8 weeks despite all information requested from either you, us, or the receiver being provided in a timely manner.
  • Parcel could not be delivered to recipient


    • We cannot refund for gifts delivered to wrong addresses. If you have given the wrong address, we are very sorry we cannot help more. So we implore you – PLEASE check the address before clicking ‘enter’ and contact us as soon as possible if you think it is not correct.
    • Where shipment delivery has been delayed due to circumstances beyond our control, such as in random customs inspections (generally 5-21 working days), but ultimately gets through to the receiver, there will be no refund or return on items, as this is completely out of our control.
      • Please note – we are unable to cancel and/or refund a shipment once it has been dispatched – all the costs have already been incurred on dispatch and cancelling a shipment will only result in additional shipping costs being incurred by us for the returned parcel.
    • If you, or the recipient has requested the parcel to be left without a signature; and it has been lost or stolen, we do not refund as this is you or the recipient’s choice to leave the parcel unattended and is out of our control.


    • Correct contact name, address, and local phone number for the receiver have been given;
    • The parcel has cleared customs and the local courier has not been able to deliver the parcel for any of the following reasons:
      • The person was not at home at time of delivery and has not responded to the card left by the courier, or the voicemail left by the courier to confirm when is a good time or new location (e.g. a work address) for delivery;
      • The request to leave the parcel in a safe place without signature has been not been complied to because the local courier does not deem the location to be safe (e.g. in the case of an apartment block where the parcel would need to be left on the street); AND the receiver has not responded to the courier’s voicemail or the card left by the courier company requesting better time/ address for delivery.

    If you are unsure or want to know more, please email us at info@istillcallaustrlaiahome.com with your specific question.