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FAQ - Sending Australian Gifts To The USA

International Delivery Australian Gifts To The USA

For over 7 years we've specialised in sending Australian Made Gifts hampers and Aussie themed gifts to the USA, including to Austin, Houston, Chicago, New York, Phoenix, LA, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Detroit, San Antonio, Washington and more.

So we've definitely had our fair share of questions on what can be sent, how to send it, how long it takes and more! 

In this page we look to answer those questions and help you get a special, authentic Aussie gift or  Aussie snack over to your VIPs in America.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) - Sending Australian Gifts to the USA

How long does postage take for gifts to the USA from Australia?

On average, it took 2-15 working days for gifts to be delivered from Australia to the USA when we sent gifts on your behalf to America.
This excludes weekends and public holidays; and also excludes 2% of gifts that had a random stop in US customs. The amount of time it takes to send your package to the USA from Australia also depends on what service you use to send it - either Australia Post Economy (longest but most economical), Australia Post Express, or via a Courier (shortest time).
Click here for our latest and most detailed information on how long it took for our I Still Call Australia Home gift deliveries to make it State-side.(We've sent 1,000s of gifts there, so this will give you a pretty good idea especially given post-covid delays and current flight statuses).

Can I send wine, beer or other alcohol from Australia to the USA?

In short, no, you can't send alcohol (wine, beer, or spirits), to the USA from Australia because of strict US customs laws that will not allow you to do so.
There are exceptions to this rule - and that is if you and the company you are sending to are licensed entities in a specific US State that allows alcohol imports.

It's worth noting that Australia Post do not allow wine, beer, or spirits to be sent using their service so you will need to use a courier like DHL or Fedex; and there will be additional duties/taxes to be paid on the alcohol on arrival in the USA.

If you are really determined to send alcohol, we recommend contacting a local winery, brewery or distiller who may be able to help due to their licenced status and specific experience with commercial international shipments.
So sorry! That's a 'no' to their favourite bottle of plonk coming from Australia being added to a gift hamper!

Can I send food like Chocolate, snacks, candy or lollies to the USA from Australia?

In short, yes, you can send food like chocolate, snacks, candy or lollies to the USA from Australia! Yay!

Click here to see the most popular chocolates, snacks and candies we love sending on your behalf to the USA!

How much will it cost to send my gift to the USA?

The cost to post Australian gifts to the USA can vary anywhere from $15.00 to over $200.

Essentially it depends on 2 main factors, including the actual weight and dimensions of what you are sending; as well as what service you use to send it (for example via Australia Post or a courier).
Click here to see our current rates for sending parcels to the USA from Australia.

Will I be charged duties and taxes in the USA for sending a gift?

Yes, you will be charged duties/taxes on importing a gift from Australia to the USA if the value of the gift is over approxiately $800 AUD.

This is a valid US customs rule at the time of publishing this page in Q1, 2023. If your gift is valued under this amount you should be okay - however with customs there are no guarantees and this could change at any time.

Are there every any delays getting gifts to the USA?

Yes, if your gift is subject to a random stop-and-check by US customs (approx. 2% of gifts sent from Australia to the USA), you will experience delays getting your unique Aussie gift to your VIP once it's arrive in the US.
These delays generally from our experience are anywhere between 1-4 weeks.


Great service and great products. I’ll be back!! – Felicity, Sent gift to son in Chicao, USA

“You have just been amazing in organising the hamper for me. I appreciate it so much” – Kaye, gift sent to Ohio, USA

“Thank you, your service has been terrific… I am sure I will visit again” – Anthea, gift sent to New York, USA

Wow – that was fast! Can’t believe it got from Australia to LA delivered door to door in 2 working days” – Samantha, gift sent to Los Angeles (LA), USA

“Thank you so much for your great products and service – I’ll be sure to use you again” – Stephanie, gift sent to Houston, Texas, USA

“My daughter and family are in Omaha for 2 years, and the kids started school last week.  So a big treat was due I thought!  They returned from watching the eclipse to find the big box on their doorstep and were thrilled to bits!  Thank you for making sending them their Aussie treats so easy for me! – Josephine, gift sent to Omaha, USA



While we are not a freight carrier, and only send items purchased on our website, we’re happy to share our knowledge with you.  Here’s some helpful articles providing further information: