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Australian Business Gifts Not To Give

Australian Business gifts NOT to giveAustralian Business or corporate gifts that won’t be well received


The top 3 Australian Business gifts to avoid when buying Australian presents for business or corporates (and why) …


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Most people are fascinated by these often stunning pieces. While this IS a great gift under the right circumstances, not many people fit the criteria that include a receiver with:-

  • entourage and a business class flight to help get this gift on the plane back home
  • an office back home where it’s appropriate to proudly display this beautiful piece (or a art collector with plenty of home space to display)

If the person you’re giving this to does not qualify for the above (if they do go for it!!!) – be kind – this is not the sort of gift that fits easily into one’s home decor, a suitcase, or  the overhead locker of a plane.


Walk into any Australian souvenir shop, and a minimum of 95% of the stock in the shop is not made in Australia. Usually, the place of manufacture is printed on the base of the product and on the packaging. It’s not a good look. Even if you THINK it’s made in Australia, turn it over before making the purchase to check. You might be surprised at what you find!

Instead, perhaps check out the Australian made site that is the official certifier of Australian Made products. They share all registered companies with Australian Made products. Or try these stunning Australian Hampers from a certified Australian made retail supporter. As an added bonus, they can be delivered overseas for you.




While Australians are happy little vegemites, the rest of the world would rather eat soap than have a scraping of this on toast.  It’s called a ‘gag’ gift for very good reason.  Is this really the lasting impression you want to leave of our beautiful country?! …and the best you can do? Perhaps if you are buying this as part of a larger present  it might be okay – otherwise I recommend you go for other Australian treats that your VIP will enjoy and you can’t buy overseas such as  Tim Tams; Cherry Ripes; Violet Crumble; Freddo Frogs; Caramello Koalas (my personal favourite), Picnics, Bananas, Allens Snakes, Cheezels or Twisties. Delicious!


In our other posts, we’ll cover the best gifts to give that are tasteful AND Australian Made, but in the mean-time, here are some of our favourite links to get you started.

  • Click here for a tastefully curated all-Australian made range of gifts especially for corporate or business clients. These are also tailored to your needs if you have something specific in mind and have free delivery within Australia (and flat rate International Delivery).
  • Australian made site – official certifier of Australian Made logo with all the companies that are registered on this one site! Be assured your gift is Australian made.
  • For smaller gifts – funny AND tasteful – try Australian Slang tea towel by Kirsten Haworth.
  • Stunning textiles featuring Australian flora and fauna by 4 leaf clover 

Don’t forget to enjoy the process!

What do you think? Do you have any recommendations on Australian gifts to give overseas visitors?

Best, Felicia