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6 Australian Christmas Cards You'll Want to Send to Your Loved Ones

christmas cards

Ah, Christmas! It’s that time of the year when everything looks perfect, and there’s happiness across the world. Along with the decorations, these high spirits are what rank Christmas as the best experience of the year for many of us.

There’s just one thing that isn’t quite right. Your family and loved ones are out of Australia, missing that authentic Aussie Christmas.

Well, you can still share some traditions with them.   

You can send them one or more of our uniquely Australian Christmas cards to celebrate the festive season with them. Everyone knows there’s nothing like a Christmas holiday down under.

We’ve infused that spirit into each card we make, so your loved ones will feel at home no matter where they are in the world. It’s a fantastic way to say how much you love them. With these cards, you can share some Christmas spirit no matter the distance.  

Ready to mail out those cards in the true Aussie spirit? Allow us to guide you into a journey of 6 Australian Christmas cards that you’ll want your loved ones to receive.

Our Christmas Cards

Christmas cards were invented as a timesaving method in the 19th century to communicate our feelings to loved ones. Since then, they’ve become a great way to share the festive spirit.

One way to enter the season’s mood is through getting our Australian themed cards for the Christmas season. Our designs include:

  • Koala and the birds
  • Bush greeting
  • Koala friend’s circle
  • Expressions
  • Tropical Paradise
  • Barbeque Holiday

Let’s see how each card can lighten up Christmas for you and your loved ones.

Koala and the Birds Christmas Card

Koala and the Birds Christmas Card
Australian Christmas Cards

It’s likely your loved ones feel homesick and long for an Aussie experience. You can help them banish their negative feelings with the Koala and the Birds Christmas card.

It has everyone’s favourite, the loveable koala, a duck, and two pigeons heralding the season with Christmas bells. They’re present along with Australian flowers, including the New South Wales Waratah, on the image. 

This Australian art craft reflects nature and environmental harmony. The card’s cool blue colour palette makes this one of our popular card designs as it conveys the cool experience associated with our country.

Sending this card is a great way to help your loved ones close the year on a good note and expect a better new year. So, get into the Australian Christmas spirit by grabbing this card today.

Bush Greeting Christmas Card

Bush Greeting Christmas Card
Australian Christmas Cards

We love to celebrate our Australian art in our designs. Our bush greeting cards reflect that ethos.

The mixture of the possum, kookaburra, and plants along with socks and a traditional Christmas tree reflects a combination of the traditional and modern — a hallmark of Australian life.

This card shows the essence of a true Christmas spirit that can only be found in Australia. Its mix of tones will bring joyous colour to your loved ones wherever they are.

Hey, Christmas doesn’t have to be just white, right? With these cards, Christmas is as colourful as can be.

So, order this vibrant choice today.

Koala Friends Circle Christmas Card

Koala Friends Circle Christmas Card
Australian Christmas Cards

Our beloved koala is the centre of this colourful card. Other Australian animals and local fauna surround it in this bright image. It represents the circle of life in a stunningly artistic way.

This is one of those Christmas cards bound to evoke memories in your friends and family. Moreso if they grew up here and experienced the outdoor scene down under like most of us.

The hot pink background of this Aboriginal-inspired art means it’ll be hard to escape noticing this card. The colour contrasts in the image complement each other and makes it a soothing feast for the eyes.

Let your loved ones feel the Aussie experience when they receive one of these cards.

Buying our cards is a great way to support the environment since we use recycled paper.

Expressions Christmas Cards

Expressions Christmas Cards
Australian Christmas Cards

Christmas is a time we want to express ourselves without saying too much to our loved ones. What better way is there to do that than this set of Christmas cards?

These designs express various emotions associated with the season. Words like joy, cheer, merry, or peace on paper can help express emotions to your family or friends who aren’t physically around.

The colourful artwork on the cover of the cards shows the green fauna, which has made Australia famous globally. The different birds on the various cards remind us of the cool sunny Australian summer weather when we celebrate Christmas.

With these cards, you don’t have to say much as the message is loud and clear.

Tropical Paradise Christmas Cards

Tropical Paradise Christmas Cards
Australian Christmas Cards

Sometimes, we take it for granted that we live in a tropical paradise. Okay, we have challenges, but we’re still more tropical with sunny skies than many places on earth. This design does a good job of reminding us of that fact.

Christmas cards should make us feel good. This card depicts that with the natural ecosystem it portrays.

With Australia’s animal population represented in the scenery, the vivid colours abundant in the scene, and the harmony between them represents the spirit of love characterised by Christmas. You’ll almost feel drawn to enter the scenery with the warmth on display.

Get your loved ones excited by opting for this card. 

Barbeque Holiday Card

Barbeque Holiday Card
Australian Christmas Cards

With Christmas being a prime holiday period, we Aussies indulge in a national pastime — barbeque. It’s one experience that embodies Australia as bold, fun-loving and friendly.

Though not strictly a Christmas card, this is a great one to send to anyone overseas during the festive season. This picturesque design conveys the spirit of the holiday perfectly. Having a barbie is an excuse to have the whole gang in the back garden.

It’s certain your loved ones will love this poignant scene. It’s as if you’re saying, “PS - Wish you were here, and inviting them for some reminiscing and catching up. This bright card looks exciting enough to tempt friends and family to hop on a plane back home.

Snow can be lovely, but sometimes we crave some warmth. So order this beautiful card and bring some sunshine to your loved ones.

Who Are We?  

We’re an online Australian gift company — I Still Call Australia Home. We provide a range of Australian gifts and cards that can be sent anywhere globally.

Our gifts, including our cards, are made and designed by Australian companies, promoting our creative scene. With our cards, Christmas is a truly Aussie experience.

Show your loved ones how much you care by ordering our Christmas cards. We deliver within Australia and eight countries within a week.

Other gifts we have at I Still Call Australia Home include organic cosmetics, Australian clothing, art and craft works, care hampers, and corporate gifts. Come and check them out today. 

Featured Image: Freepik