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Lightweight Gift Ideas for Overseas - Your Ultimate guide

Lightweight and small gifts from Australia to overseas to fit in luggage

Are you gearing up for an international journey departing from the sun-kissed shores of Australia? Are you wanting to take some gifts from the land Down Under with you, or perhaps send a parcel of Aussie delights via post, all without breaking the bank on hefty postage fees? Well, you're in luck!

Finding the perfect souvenir or gift can be a daunting task. Not only must it be a thoughtful token of appreciation, but it needs to also be small enough to fit snugly into your travel bags without tipping the scales or overburdening your luggage allowance. Likewise, if you're opting to send a gift via the post, minimising its weight becomes paramount to avoiding exorbitant shipping costs.

For over nine years, we've been dedicated to curating a collection of the best lightweight and small gifts from Australia for overseas. Our mission? To help you in overcoming the challenge of finding the perfect Aussie present for friends, family, or business contacts that doesn't break the weight bank and also fits in your luggage.

So, buckle up as we embark on a journey through this blog that includes our treasure trove of the most sought-after small and lightweight gifts from the Land Down Under.  Yes!


#1. Lightweight gifts for overseas - Lens Cloths 


While at first, Lens Cloths might not seem the most obvious choice - they're actually an amazing gift because everybody needs one! Lens cloths are not just for people with glasses - they clean all kinds of screens that we all have - like iphones, ipads, tablets, laptop screens and more.

Not only that, but we've got a huge selection of designs from different aboriginal artists, of iconic places. 

Did you know that lens cloths are actually our best selling lightweight gift for overseas weighing in at only 10g. They're also REALLY small to fit in your luggage - you can fit heaps of them as a 'just in case' present for overseas.


australian lightweight gifts for overseas lens cloths sale



#2. Lightweight gifts for overseas - Fridge Magnets

Small lightweight Australian gifts for overseas -fridge magnets 

Australian Magnets offer the ultimate gift or keepsake for your overseas VIPs. 🐨🌸

Lightweight and small yet stunning, these magnets will add a touch of Aussie charm to any fridge, serving as a daily reminder of the Land Down Under to your overseas VIPs. 🌏❤️

Explore our delightful collection featuring koala magnets, Aboriginal designs, native animals, beautiful flowers, and artist creations.

There's something for everyone!

Fridge magnet sale 3 for 12 small gifts from australia

#3. Lightweight and small gifts for overseas - Tea Towels (or 'Kitchen Towels' for our American friends)

 tea towel australiana koala

✨ Elevate Your Gifting with Beautiful Australian Tea Towels! ✨

Searching for a perfect, small gift for your overseas VIP? These stunning Australian themed tea towels are just what you need! 🌏🎁

Lightweight and compact, they're easy to pack in your luggage, making them a superb keepsake to take on any journey. Ideal for office kitchens or a loved one's home, these tea towels serve as a charming daily reminder of your thoughtful gesture. 🌿💕

Give the gift of Aussie elegance and make every day a bit brighter!

#PerfectGift #TravelFriendly #LightweightGifts #ThoughtfulKeepsakes

aboriginal tea towels 

#4. Lightweight and small gifts for overseas - Socks

australian socks kangaroo black 

Looking for the perfect souvenir for your overseas VIPs? Australiana themed socks are the way to go! 🧦🌏

Suitable for both men and women, these socksare not only fun but also lightweight and compact, making them easy to pack in your luggage. Each pair serves as a playful reminder of the unique charm of Down Under! 🐨💕

Give a gift that's practical, stylish, and full of Aussie spirit!

#PerfectSouvenir #TravelFriendly #AustralianaSocks #GiftOfComfort

Choose from a wide selection of Australian themed socks with authentic Aboriginal Designs, or fun socks featuring Australian maps; Aussie Animals; koalas; gumnuts; kangaroos; thongs; lamingtons; rosella; banksias and more!


#5. Lightweight gifts for overseas - Luxe Greeting Cards

lIGHTWEIGHT CARD TO SEND OVERSEAS Australian greeting cards love from down under

While technically these aren't a 'gift' and are instead a greeting card, you'd be surprised how well they go down with business colleagues or friends as a small token of appreciation.  These cards are definitely small and lightweight (tick!),  and there's no way your overseas VIP is going to find them anywhere but in Australia. So they make a thoughtful and heartfelt (esp .with a good message) lightweight present from Down Under.

#6. Lightweight gifts for overseas - Chocolate Macadamias

macadamias toffee milk chocolate patons

These small, decadant toffee covered macadamia chocolates are - trust us - the BEST!!!! They are so moorish and we've yet to meet anyone who doesn't think they are absolutely divine. 

It is the fact the macadamia is first covered in toffee before being dunked in chocolate that make them super yummy and still crisp inside. It makes all the difference.

When you buy this pack, you get 4 macadamis in a little box - inside they're wrapped in 2 x 2 macadamia pouches. Perfect.


#7. Lightweight gifts for overseas - Lanyards

aboriginal lanyards small lightweight gift

If you're travelling for business and you work in a global organisation, Australian aboriginal lanyards can make the perfect lightweight gift for those overwseas business colleagues.  They're not only very light, but also can fit very easily into your luggage; and your overseas peer will love showing off their terrific design when they pop their key-card in there to get into the office.

These also make a great gift for Austrailan events and conferences.

#8. Lightweight gifts for overseas -Bookmarks


Definitely small, definitely lightweight, and definitely a practical and durable gift from Australia. They'll love a keyring from Down under - something a bit different to make them think of you all year round. 

#9. Lightweight gifts for overseas - Hand Creams

Look no further than our luxurious hand creams, ideal for both men and women. Made in Australia from the finest ingredients, these hand creams are not only deeply moisturizing but also a true indulgence. Their compact size makes them the perfect addition to any suitcase, allowing you to bring a touch of Aussie luxury to your loved ones overseas without taking up valuable luggage space. Treat your friends and family to the ultimate Australian skincare experience with these premium hand creams that exemplify the best of Down Under.



#10. Lightweight and small gifts for overseas - Drink Coasters

Australian Made coasters

Elevate your lighweight gifting game with Australian drink coasters!

Perfectly crafted as a memorable souvenir for your esteemed overseas VIPs, coasters capture the essence of Australia in a beautifully iconic design. Their lightweight nature makes them easy to pack and carry, ensuring they’re the ideal gift for anyone on your list – whether it’s for him, her, family, friends, or business associates.

Practical and stylish, everyone loves and uses coasters, making these the perfect small yet impactful gift. Delight your recipients with a touch of Australia – the gift that’s always winning!


#11.Lightweight gifts for overseas - Coin Purses


These colourful purses make a terrific and practical lightweight gift for overseas VIPs because everyone needs somewhere to store all sorts of things these days like spare cords, battery chargers, ipods, ipstick, moisturisers, keys and more! Not to mention the traditional use for a coin purse - coins! 

#12.Lightweight gifts for overseas - Mousepads

mousepad aboriginal design australian corporate gift

Looking for someone who has it all or a difficult business contact to buy for? Everyone needs a mouse pad - even if they have one already they do need replacing after a couple of years. So why not make the one you gave them the replacement that will last at least until your next trip. Perfect.

#13.Lightweight gifts for overseas - Notepads and Stationery

notepad bell art banksia

These notepads are just the trick to slip into your hand-luggage or suitcase for a practical, small, lightweight gift they'll cherish.  Featuring native Australian flowers and/or animals, there's nothing like these beauties to remind them of you and the land Down Under.


#14.Lightweight gifts for overseas - Soaps

Discover the perfect Aussie gift or souvenir with our delightful range of Australian soaps and hand creams! These luxurious and lightweight essentials are ideal for taking with you overseas or sending to loved ones abroad. Compact and easy to pack in your luggage, they add a touch of Australian elegance to your journey. Whether you’re gifting friends, family, or business associates, these premium products combine functionality and indulgence, ensuring a truly memorable experience. Celebrate Australia with gifts that are as practical as they are delightful!

#15.Lightweight gifts for overseas - Foldable Shopper Bags


Searching for the perfect gift for someone who has it all? (or who you don't know that well?!). Look no further. Foldable shopper bags are lightweight and compact, making them an ideal choice for sending overseas or packing in your luggage as a gift. You can never have too many of these versatile essentials ready to go!

Each bag features stunning Australiana-themed designs that will be loved and cherished. Celebrate practical elegance with a gift that's as thoughtful as it is stylish. Perfect for friends, family, or business contacts.


#16.Lightweight gifts for overseas - Fun Australian Souvenirs


Dive into a world of whimsical and unforgettable Australian souvenirs and gifts! Our collection brings together a variety of delightful items guaranteed to bring a smile to any recipient.

Aussie Slang Tea Towels: Add some humor to the kitchen with tea towels featuring quirky Australian phrases.

Talking Bottle Openers: Uncork some laughs with bottle openers that entertain with classic Aussie slang.

Aussie Slang Dictionary: Perfect for learning the local lingo, this dictionary is an amusing and handy guide.

Koala Clips: Adorable and practical, these clips are perfect for keeping things together while showcasing cute koalas.

Katcharoo Games: Fun for the whole family, these games offer endless entertainment with an Australian twist.

Whether you’re looking to surprise friends, bring joy to family, or find that perfect keepsake, our collection has something for everyone. Celebrate the spirit of Australia with these fun and memorable gifts!


#17.Lightweight gifts for overseas - Stubby Coolers

Discover a cooler that’s more than just practical – our exclusive Aboriginal Art Stubby Coolers let you immerse yourself in the rich stories and traditions of Aboriginal culture. Lightweight and compact, they are perfect for taking with you overseas in your luggage or gifting to loved ones abroad.

Experience the joy of sipping your drink while holding a piece of authentic art that connects you to the heart of Australia. Elevate your social moments and spark meaningful conversations as you showcase your appreciation for art, heritage, and the beauty of Australia. Make every drink an occasion with these stunning, culturally significant gifts!