Think our shipping costs or Tim Tams are expensive and you can send more cheaply yourself?

Don't get caught out by expensive Australia Post charges, postal delays, or unexpected, additional customs charges holding your gift to ransom.

We send express, do all the paperwork, and cover all international duties & taxes on your behalf so you can relax and know your gifts will arrive with no hidden costs!

Plus - no post office queues! 

So when you consider the TOTAL cost of sending your Austrailan gift overseas you can see we’re the best option …

Compare cost of sending Australian gift overseas with AU Post DHL UPS

Please note delivery timescales above are pre-COVID. During COVID, international delivery for I Still Call Australia is 4-7 working days. This is 1-3 months faster than standard Australia Post.

While Australian supermarkets like Woolworths and Coles offer fantastic, discounted rates on Tim Tams, they don’t specialise in overseas delivery!

And while advertised rates for international delivery can SEEM cheap, when you look closely, they advertise ‘from’ prices… which can be deceiving.


This comparison above shows we are the second cheapest option for sending this type of gift overseas… with a much more comprehensive service including express delivery, real-time tracking, signature on delivery, help clearing customs if there’s any random checks or issues, any  duties & taxes paid for.....and best of all – NO POST OFFICE QUEUES!



We hope this helps you consider what is the best option for you.

We don’t like it when we hear of others who’ve had a shock at the post office, or even worse, their parcel not delivered, or even their son/daughter having to pay duties / taxes in order to pick up their Australian gift.

With our guaranteed delivery policy – you will have peace of mind your gorgeous, thoughtful gift that feels like home will actually get to its destination… or your money back.  *Phew.


The diagram above shows an example of comparison costs of sending popular items sent together by us – in this example we use 2 x packets of Tim Tams, a packet of 100g twisties (large), Unibic 300g Anzac Biscuits, 200g of Milo and a full packet of 12 share Caramello Koalas.

We’ve chosen these as an example, as these are our most popular Aussie treats to send overseas!

*We’ve assumed the following:-

  • Comparison is between 3 x Australia Post options (Standard, Express and AU Post courier), and I Still Call Australia Home international express courier service

  • In the ‘DIY’ options -you send via Australia post and buy all the treats on special at Woolworths or Coles

  • You need to buy 1 x cheapest and smallest possible standard Australia Post parcel post box for $3.00

  • Smallest box available to fit all these goodies is 39 x 28 x14 cm which equals a cubic weight of 2.55kg (see here for explanation on how Australia post calculate the weight of your parcel)

  • No costs for extra packaging like gift wrap or bubble wrap have been included in any of the examples

  • I Still Call Australia Home packaging is in custom sized box (30 x 30 x 13cm) to perfectly fit these items, with dimensional weight of 1.95kg and paper gift wrapping with free gift tag

  • Prices and comparisons are correct at date of publishing this page, but may change over time.


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