Our values guide us in all we do and help us serve you better. Each is associated with an Australian animal that we believe best reflects this value.
We are always looking to work with employees, partners and customers who share these philosophies.

Our Values - JoyJOY

We believe in celebrating the big and small moments every day; and helping you mark the moment with your VIPs. When it comes to our inspiration for you – we find joy and inspiration in the Australian environment and bring you beautiful products that reflect this.

Totem: Kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae). Otherwise known as the laughing Kookaburra this species inspire us to laugh at any given situation.

Our Values - IntegrityINTEGRITY

What we say is what we do and we take accountability for our actions.

We believe in working hard to provide both a quality service and outstanding products for you and your VIPs.  

We source high value, high quality, Australian-made products and we are a certified Australian-made retail supporter.

Totem: The Australian Kelpie. Our best known and loved working dog always working hard and doing their job on the farm.

Our Values - FocusFOCUS

Being clear about, and staying focused on our overall intentions, desires and priorities without becoming distracted. Whether this be finding you the perfect gift for your special VIPs or occassion, or putting that extra attention into our designs – we want to make the best for you.

Totem: Koala (phascolarctos cinereus). From their home in the tree-tops, the Koala can see the bigger picture.  The Koala is also very selective to only choose the trees that have the most benefit for themselves. 

Our Values - EducationEDUCATION

We want to be the best we can be so we can best serve you.  This means making a commitment to life-long learning and sharing what we know with others.

We actively seek expert knowledge to improve our business, products and services for you in every way.

Totem: Tawny Frogmouth Owl (Podargus strigoides). The Tawny Frogmouth Australia’s answer to the owl even though technically, it’s not an owl. To us, it is associated with foresight and wisdom, and in many cultures the owl is seen to be the keeper of sacred knowledge.

Our Values - RespectRESPECT

We respect the individual, the team and the environment in which we work and live.

We believe in postivite relationships with everyone we work with, including our suppliers, customers, employees and our natural environment.

We respect the Traditional Occupants of the land we live in and all life upon it; including over 600,000 species unique to Australia.

Nothing can be achieved on one’s own; so we care for each other and look for opportunities to give back and assist those around us.

Totem:  Green Turtle. The turtle is the connection between our oceans and our land while also carrying its home on its own back. The turtle reminds us to respect mother nature in all its forms.