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Australian Jigsaw Puzzles - unbox the fun

Australian Jigsaw puzzle

Australian Jigsaw Puzzles - If you're already a puzzle enthusiast, there's nothing new about obsessing over Australian jigsaw puzzles and games during COVID.

If you're new to puzzling as a result of lock-down, hopefully, you've been able to discover a few beauties that have brought your family or household together, and helped you merrily while away a few hours, piecing together your masterpiece!

After all, there's nothing more satisfying than finding 'just the right piece' to fit that special spot in your puzzle when it has alluded you for some time; as cries of 'I can't believe THAT is the piece that fit THAT spot... I've been looking for it for aaaages' fill households across Australia.

Even the Prime Minister and his family love jigsaws, so we've discovered!

In fact, according to ABC news, "jigsaw enthusiasts are unsurprised that puzzles are taking off during the pandemic" and The Mix has dedicated an entire episode to the age-old "zen" practice of jigsaw puzzling.

If it's good enough for Hugh Jackman, it's good enough for us!

Here we share some of our latest puzzles and images from our community who've carefully completed theirs. 


Here we share a selection of some of our Jigsaw puzzle's we've had in stock (or have currently!). Enjoy!

Australian Jigsaw Puzzles - Beach 

Australian jigsaw puzzle beach





Know someone who really loves puzzles? This 1,000 piece jigsaw is not for the faint hearted.

It's an aerial shot of Bondi Beach by photographer Anthony Glick and is sure to keep any experienced puzzler amused for SOME time trying to match up all those beach bodies, towels, umbrellas and sand.... don't forget the sand! 

This also makes a great gift for overseas VIPs as a souvenir from Bondi Beach, Australia. 

Australian puzzle bondi beachBondi beach puzzle back

Australian Jigsaw Puzzles Cute Aussie Animals

 Australian map jigsaw puzzle

Need a puzzle for the kids? Why not try this awesome, fun and educational puzzle that's a map of Australia and also round?! 

See where the mines are, find out what's happening to our coral reefs, journey along the coast with the whale migrations and much more.

It comes with a book explaining different places and icons in each part of Australia. It's 210 pieces so is perfect for ages 6+.


Australian map puzzleAustralian map puzzle for kids


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