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Have you Seen A Tree for Me?

Have you seen a tree for me koala book queensland australia

Have you Seen a Tree for Me? New children's Koala book launched by koala expert now available in paperback.

Have you seen a tree for me by Sarah Eccleston

Here at I Still Call Australia Home, if you haven't noticed, we love all things Australian! 

And that especially includes our iconic koalas.  🐨 🥰

We were so excited to let you know about the launch of this very special book about koalas that has become a best-seller and is the perfect Australian children's gift.

The great news is that it's now available in a paperback edition.


The book is called 'Have you Seen a Tree for Me?' by Sarah Eccleston, a koala specialist, and is inspired by a real life koala currently residing at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Koala Conservation and Starlight Children.

To find out just how special this book's hero and author are, read on below.


The amazing work of Sarah Eccleston!

Sarah eccleston koala
Sarah Eccleston (image above), is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary's koala specialist.
She's been with the sanctuary for over 20 years.
The sanctuary is home to over 40 koalas and attracts local and international visitors to come and learn more about them. It is also home to Australia's largest wildlife hospital, that treats 400 plus koalas a year. 

Sarah has a life-long passion not only for looking after koalas, but also championing support for the dangers they face including loss of habitat, threats from introduced animals like dogs, danger from busy roads, and various illnesses.

In all her spare time, Sarah also visits and educates keepers in sanctuaries around the world about koalas and how to best care for them. 

Yes - wow. Amazing.

So there's no-one better to educate the next generation about how important it is to look after our most iconic species! And that's just what she's done with the launch of her beautiful new book.

Have you Seen a Tree for Me? Sarah's new book

Have you seen a tree for me Sarah Eccleston

Sarah's latest achievement is the publication of her stunning Children's book 'Have you Seen a Tree for Me'?

The book is inspired by Enzo, a real-life 3 year old koala at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, and is about his journey to find 'a tree for me'. 

..... the above photo is of Sarah and Enzo at his home at Currumbin. 

The book is beautifully illustrated by the talented Jenni Goodman, and is a book with a lot of heart. You might recognise Jenni's illustrations from publications like the illustrated 'Storm Boy'. 

If you're looking for an authentic read to inspire the love of koala conservation with the next generation, I think you just found it!

Sarah helped raise three-year-old Enzo since he was a joey.

We see Enzo every week when our founder, Felicia Rusher, volunteers at the Sanctuary - and we can tell you - he really is a character worth writing about! (and verrrrry cute).  You should come and see him next time you're in town. 

"The book shows examples of the dangers Koalas face in the wild – loss of habitat, the introduction of domestic animals, and then of course roads” Sarah says.

“Some of the most important koala habitat is just disappearing before our eyes. I really just want to save these guys,” she said.

“That’s my passion. I’ve done my part now, so I need to leave a legacy to ensure that the younger generation are looking after them into the future.”

If you love koalas like us, why not gift this stunning book to the children in your life this koala month or festive season?!

HAve you seen a tree for me To buy the children's book and not only contribute much needed $$$ to koala conservation, but also educate the next generation on its importance in the most loving way (plus stock up on those Christmas gifts!), click here 'Have You Seen A Tree for Me?'.


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