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7 Items to Include in Truly Thoughtful Lock Down Gift Packs

Gift snack

Aussies are known to overcome difficult times with a good measure of humour, love, and resilience.

Oh, and a nice cuppa tea with our favourite Tim Tam makes the world seem brighter at any given time.

It's how we deal with every curveball life throws at us, right?

How are your loved ones coping with the endless coronavirus self-isolation and quarantine blues? Maybe you have a family member stuck in a foreign hotel under lockdown?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And that's where we come into the picture.

Wondering How to Order Thoughtful Lock Down Gift Packages?

Here’s some reasons you should contact I Still Call Australia Home for all your lockdown gifts:

  • Personalised Australian gift ideas, pre-packed with care.
  • We have snacks, drinks, toys, games, books and much more on one easy-to-order platform.
  • We have special COVID-19 lockdown care packs for the whole family to combat isolation blues.
  • We offer special worldwide shipping at the best rates.
  • Quick and safe online payments.
  • Prices start from as little as $6.95.

We Deliver to Any Letterbox Globally: Even During Lockdown 

Let us deliver a personalised piece of Down Under to any letterbox globally and help you put a smile on Aussie faces again.

You'll have them singing "I Still Call Australia Home" from hotel balconies all over the world in no time.

"I was thrilled with all my purchases and would definitely shop here again. The gifts sent overseas were wonderfully received."

Susan P. 

Thoughtful Lock Down Gift Packages To Choose From

Our Lockdown Care Packages takes the sting out of trying to figure out your favourite gift ideas.

We have all the essentials to round off a thoughtful gift like our Lockdown Greeting Cards, and the must-have accessory of 2021, our Face Masks.

We’ve bundled beautiful Aussie lock down gift ideas to send some home-grown love to a letterbox anywhere in the world.

All you have to do is select the gift, send us your personalised message, enter your email, and we'll take care of the rest.

Favourite Lockdown Care Parcels

Product Description: Content: Prices Start:
Cuppa Koala Love Gift Hamper Your favourite tea & Tim Tams $37.95
Tim Tam Swag Bags Swag bags filled with Tim Tams $42.95
Homesick Aussie Care Package Snacks & chocolate treats $54.95
Koala Love from Down Under Toy, chocolates & tea $99.95
Bumper Aussie Care Package Snacks & chocolate treats $149.95

With our favourite lockdown gift ideas, you can rest easy knowing you’ve brought some much-needed cheer to a lacklustre situation for your loved ones.

"Aussie home care package: 

I sent this package overseas to the U.S to my Aussie family who lives there, and they loved it.. especially the Caramello Koalas and the Jaffas... great work.. thank you."

Giovanna I

7 Items Any Aussie in Isolation Wants in Their Letterbox

Tea & a Biccie for a Taste of Home

Tea & A Biccie - Platypus Swimming
Tea & A Biccie - Platypus Swimming

Nothing is more comforting than your favourite nibble from Down Under.

Our Lock Down Tea and a Biccie is one of our many favourite gift ideas to help curb any homesick cravings. You can choose from a variety of beautiful and authentic Aussie designs in our collection.

Why do we always feel better when we indulge in food that reminds us of home?

According to certified nutrisionists, we turn to our favourite comfort food when we desire psychological comfort. Much like when you're forced to isolate in a lonely hotel room for 14 days, right?

"Comfort food is so comforting because they provide psychological comfort." 

 Brian Bender: Certified Nutritionist

A Koala to Cuddle and Talk To

Chattermate Koala
Chattermate Koala

Don't let loneliness overcome your loved one while in lockdown.

How about sending a talking koala to their letterbox to keep them company until they can join you again for a human conversation?

If they can't talk to their favourite plant, our unique soft toys come in mighty handy.

Our furry collection of Lock-Down Gifts Toys are some of our favourite gift ideas to prevent people from losing their cool while in lockdown.

Cheeky Aussie Gift Ideas Delivered to Their Letterbox

Memory Cards - Wild Fur You - Adults only
Memory Cards - Wild Fur You - Adults only

If your footy fan club gets quarantined on the way to an AFL game, you're going to need some cheeky Aussie gift ideas to keep their spirits high.

What better way to get your mates in stitches (the laughing kind) than a somewhat rude, always funny memory card game?

Though, it's not an advised gift idea for your friends stuck in a lockdown hotel room with their kids.

But if someone's homesick in a faraway place, we can highly recommend you opt for one of the adult Cards and Games to lift their spirits.

Puzzles to Pass the Time

Jigsaw Puzzle – Sunny Outback Mischief
Jigsaw Puzzle – Sunny Outback Mischief

When you have to spend weeks in lockdown, the only thing to kill is time.

By sending your loved one Jigsaw Puzzles, you'll help them do precisely that and have fun at the same time.

Puzzles are an excellent gift to send, and they'll be an entertaining family activity for years to come. Add some Aussie style chocolate to the boxes, and you have a winning treat to send.

"I Still Call Australia home is the best shop. Now my #1 go to if I'm after something uniquely Aussie. This awesome puzzle was a hit when I gifted it to some international friends. The kids laughed away at the koalas eating icecreams, and the Australian parents were reminiscing about buffalo bills, splices and rainbows. Thank you for making gift giving so easy! I'll be back!"

Martine L.

Chocolate With an Aussie Twist

Homesick Aussie Care Package
Homesick Aussie Care Package

Chocolate is good for you and on most favourite lists. 

You can't go wrong here.

Add to that our unique and special lockdown gift ideas, and you have a winning care package in the making.

You can send enough chocolatey goodness in one shipment with the Homesick Aussie Care Package to last the entire lockdown.

Prices start from as little as $54.95, excluding shipping, but including a whole lot of Aussie's favourite sweetness.

Face Masks from Down Under

Face Mask- Eucalyptus
Face Mask- Eucalyptus

Everybody has loads of masks already, we know.

But your friends and family aren’t lockdown-geared in Aussie style if they don't proudly sport a face mask from home.

Our Face Masks are 100% cotton and washable to ensure your friends and family keep themselves- and others- more protected when out and about.

It's a fun item when you're looking for his and hers gift ideas. Your married friends in a lockdown can sport matching masks from Down Under.

A Love Letter

Greeting card ‘Love from Down Under
Greeting card ‘Love from Down Under

Okay, Okay.

Maybe we're a tad bit romantic here. But love is one of our favourite things.

It doesn't have to be like the scene from 'Australia' with Nicole Kidman finding-her-love-on-a-jetty moment letter per se

But, when people you love are isolated and missing home, nothing says "I love you" better than personalised Lock Down Greeting Cards.

Round off the perfect lockdown gift ideas, conveniently pre-packed in our beautiful treat boxes, with your favourite personalised card. It guarantees to put a smile on your favourite faces anywhere in the world.

Let’s Bring it Home

Puzzle Wooden Kangaroos
Puzzle Wooden Kangaroos

Creating unique gift ideas for lockdown is what we do.

We love Australia and all its unique quirks passionately. We want you to share your Aussie passion with loved ones in lockdown to bring happiness and joy.

All you have to do is choose your favourite lockdown care package and enter your email address. We'll make sure the rest gets done fast and efficiently.

Go ahead.

Choose your favourite gifts from Down Under and help us make an Aussie in lockdown happy again.

Together we can plant seeds of joy and get our fellow Aussies all singing: "I Still Call Australia Home" in one voice.