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Make Your 2022 Easter Special With These Thoughtful Gifts

easter gifts australia

Easter is right around the corner, and it's time to paint some chocolate Easter eggs and celebrate with family. This Easter, you’re not gifting your Aussie friends and family run-of-the-mill Easter gifts. We’re pulling right at the heartstrings during this special season.

So if you’re looking to make someone’s heart melt, the Easter holiday is the perfect time to show that love. 

Australia has a thriving gift-giving culture. Aussies love their gifts, and they love their people. 

Summon your inner Easter Bunny, and let’s hop right into incredible Easter gift ideas for someone from Australia. 

Say It With Chocolate

easter bilby

You can never go wrong with chocolate during Easter.. and the most quintessential one is the Easter Bilby. Yes!

Whether it's for someone currently in Australia or an Australian outside the country, the flavours will take your taste buds on a smooth ride. 

The impressive chocolate collection has chocolates in single packs and family packs so you can share. The collection has ready-made chocolate eggs you can use in your Easter egg hunt. 

The flavours you find in the chocolate collection are some of the most unique blends you can find. Chocolate-covered ginger? It’s right there. Milk chocolate macadamias? It’s even on Easter sale. 

The flavour blends will ignite your senses as they melt on your tongue. Check out exciting combinations such as:

  • Wattleseed & Candied Orange
  • Pepperberry & Raspberry
  • Kakadu Plum, Lemon Myrtle & Macadamia. 

Did we mention some of the chocolates are vegan? Yum!

Pour Your Heart Out in an Easter Card

Nothing says heartfelt like penning down your sincerest thoughts on a card. Most of the cards you’ll find here are unapologetically Australian. They feature Aussie animals, landscapes, and quirky quotes that’ll be sure to crack you up during Easter. 

Cards are the perfect addition to a personalised Easter gift. These Easter cards are hand-designed by Australian artists, and they feature Australian art and nature. 

easter gifts — australia. Send a personalised card for this occasion
Greeting Card Kookaburra Calling

The outer colour designs are vivid, and they invoke bright memories of home. They come in different sizes. These eco-friendly cards are made from recycled material with a lasting outer coating and classy matte laminate finish. 

The laminate finish protects them from damage. If you like to look back on previous holiday cards, the matte laminate finish keeps the cards in excellent condition for a long time. 

Also, they come in handcrafted envelopes to make sure they get to your loved ones in tip-top shape. 

Easter Love In A Basket

Browsing a gift store stuffed with great options can feel like being a kid in a candy store.

If you find it challenging to get the perfect Easter gift, consider passing your heartfelt message of love and family in a basket or with Easter hampers. 

Gift sets contain a carefully selected list of personalised gifts, each with a specific meaning. 

Take the Baby Bibly Easter Gift Set in the gift set collection, for instance. It's a dozen delicious chocolates fit for you if you have a sweet tooth to start you off. 

As you munch on those delightfully delicious chocos, browse the collection and pick out other Bibly inspired gifts. In fact, this section has both playful and functional gifts for everyone. 

Bibly-inspired toys for the kids. Bibly-inspired oven mitts if you love baking. Heat packs for those cold nights. And a mini Bibly toy when you need a cute squishy toy to calm you down.

easter gifts 101: send lovely hampers
Gift pack of 12 Baby Animal Chocolates

If the pre-stocked gift sets don't ignite your gift senses, there is a self-select option. Visit the Make My Own Hamper section and load up your cart with pickings from the Easter Collection

Once you’re satisfied with your cart, we’ll wrap it for you in your preferred package, and you can present your gift. 

If you’re looking for gifts for specific people, browse the store and check out what you’d like to get that special man, lady, or kid. Here are a few unique Easter gifts you can pick for your family and friends. 

Easter Gifts For Her

Whether you’re celebrating your first Easter with your special lady beau or you're looking for a gift for your mom, the For Her section has an amazing catalogue. 

Typically, April is a mildly cold month in Australia. And what’s better to keep you warm than a lovely silk scarf as a gift? 

It’s an incredibly thoughtful gift that says you care about her wellbeing.

Alternatively, use scents to liven the home during Easter dinner. Scientifically, scents trigger the parts of our brain associated with memory and emotion. The right scents bring up happy memories and pure emotions. 

Scented candles are made for that function. Tease your sense of smell with such relaxing scents as coconut and lime, bergamot and lychee, and eucalyptus and lemon. These candles transport your senses to the Australian coast, where they have been carefully hand-poured.

perfect Easter gift for the occasion
Candle - Jarrah Dreaming - Australian Bush

After a lovely Easter dinner, your lady friend or missus would appreciate some rest. The For Her collection has out-of-the-box gifts such as the eye rest pillow. It’s perfect for home use, during flights or on long rides if you’re travelling during Easter. 

How about using the Easter holiday to add in-house decor? Include in your cart an Australian bird figurine set and some tasteful art prints from the For Her collection

We know how difficult it can get picking just one gift. The Koala Love From Down Under gift package is full of surprises that will make that special lady smile. 

Scented candles, chocolates, a fuzzy koala toy, and mouthwatering bitings are all part of this package. Now that’s a Koala-ty gift set.  

Easter Gift Ideas For Men

Many people find it an absolute chore to look for a suitable gift for a man. The usual socks, tie and occasional cufflinks are easy pickings. This Easter holiday, your gift to him should be straight from the heart.  

Whether he’s a sports fan, an outdoorsman, or the lie-back-on-a-swing-seat man, the gifts in this section will make this Easter memorable.

Grab a fun play kit such as the Aussie animals-inspired jigsaw puzzle. It’s the ultimate relaxation board for the man that likes fun solo projects. It features Australian animals and all the sports that Australia is known for.

A puzzle for an easter gift, have a break from chocolate eggs and the easter bunny
Jigsaw Puzzle – Aussie Aussie Aussie

Make the Easter evening special for him. Include a classy dad mug, artistic coaster, and a tea-infuser in his gift package. Let him sip his favourite teas as he kicks back at home. Throw in a pair of funky-looking socks, funky Aussie-themed ties, and complete the dad set. 

Mugs make for perfect gift ideas
Souvenir Mugs

If the gents in your family love their snacks, how about putting together a package of edibles? Mix sweet and savoury snacks to make the perfect taste teaser. Combine nuts, chocolates and chutneys that will last beyond the few days of the Easter holiday. 

Easter Gift for Kids

Have you seen how excited kids get when there are presents? Set up the pre-Easter celebrations by letting the kids collect and paint Easter eggs. Join in on the fun and make an Easter rabbit egg package. 

personalised gifts are our favourite. Fill your easter hampers with them!
Source: Pexels

There’s a bunch of fun Easter gift ideas for kids

The kids’ collection features playful little gifts ranging from plush animal toys to easy-to-solve puzzles. Each gift in the kids’ collection has a thing or two that your child can identify as Australian. 

No easter bunny here. Put a koala in your easter hampers
Chattermate Koala

The Chattermate Kangaroo toy, for example, imitates what your kid says, complete with an accent. You can pair the Chattermate Kangaroo toy with the Kangaroo keychain or a Belinda, the bibly toy. 

However, if your kids aren’t fond of furry toys, there are books showcasing the animals and plants from down under that will boost your kid’s knowledge about Australia. 

When they’re done with all the fun reads, don’t be surprised if you’ve got a little Steve Irwin at home by the time Easter is over. 

There are more gifts fit for kids of all ages. We’re talking puzzles, jigsaw sets, and activity books that your kid will love. Gifts such as the set of Soaring Sliders are terrific for outdoor family playdates during this Easter season. 

Easter Gifts for the Whole Family

enjoy a chocolate easter with plenty of easter hampers and easter eggs after a meal with your family
Source: Pexels

Turn Easter night into a family fun night with a family gift. You can start a unique family tradition during Easter with a jigsaw puzzle – Australia Nostalgia. Team up for an Easter challenge and see who’s faster at putting together 1,000+ pieces to come up with a complete puzzle.  

See if you can find the teddy koala, blue wren, waratah, cockatoos and the Australian flowers. 

Snacks Are Gifts, Too

As you put together the puzzle, make a snack spread from a line of healthy bits and bites. And what’s more Australian than Tim Tams? Pick from a wide selection of Tim Tam bags and get snacking with your favourite tea blends. 

Incorporate other snacks such as Minties, Iced Vovos and oven-baked Barbeque Shapes in your gift set

Easter Gifts for the Australian Away From Home

You never truly know how much you miss home until you’re away from home. If you have a loved one from Australia away from home this Easter, a gift should let them know they are in your thoughts. 

easter eggs make being away from home easier
Source: Unsplash

When you’re overseas, you’d like nothing more than to taste the foods from back home. Gift your Australian friend or family away from home a scrumptious package. It’s got biscuits, chocolates, candies and crunchy snacks that will light up their taste buds. 

our favourite easter chocolate for your hampers good for easter and any occasion
Bumper Aussie Care Package

our favourite easter chocolate for your hampers good for easter and any occasion
Homesick Aussie Care Package

The snacks come in a box they put stuff in if they want to send a return gift from where they are. 

Alternatively, go big and make a large gift basket filled with their favourite things. Top it off with cards from members of the family. There are enough cards on the site to go around. 

Make It Memorable

Easter is just early Christmas… it’s not only a time to give and receive gifts, but also reignite the spirit of family. It is a time to reflect on what keeps us together. 

It’s not always about the size of the gifts you give; it’s the thought behind the gift. 

happy easter, our favourite time of the year. Get your eggs today
Source: Pexels

Browse our gift collection and pick up the perfect Easter gift.

Featured Image: Unsplash by Priscilla Du Preez