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How Tim Tams Became the Most Iconic Aussie Snack

Tim Tams

Few stay impartial, and some may even tear up upon hearing its name. A biscuit in Australia, a cookie in America. It’s loved by everyone, most of whom can’t lavish enough praise to give them justice.

Tim Tam, this goodness galore is an ultimate Australian treat. It’s a proud holder of an iconic status and the most-loved biscuit nationwide — because it’s chocolatey, crunchy, and finger-licking good.

The two irresistibly crunchy biscuits are separated with a light chocolate cream filling and hugged by a thin layer of finely textured chocolate. Aussies love them paired with hot coffee or sometimes a glass of liquor.

Made in Australia, this brand of chocolate biscuits makes for an ideal overseas gift.

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Today we dig deeper into what makes these famous Australian snacks come shoulder to shoulder with koalas and kangaroos when it comes to world-wide glory.

Join us today as we uncover the secret of quintessentially Aussie Tim Tams.

How Tim Tams Became an Aussie Household Name

Australia's favorite cookie — it’s how Tim Tams are advertised on the US packaging.

So, how did this chocolatey biscuit become the most famous Australian snack?

It was an instant success. Those who are old enough to tell the story can confirm the following:

“Tim Tams were loved from the moment they were introduced to the public. End of story.” Lynne Chamberlain, Quora

The biscuits were first rolled out in 1963. The Arnott’s food technologist Ian Norris crafted the recipe after being introduced to the British chocolate bar — Penguin — on an overseas trip.

Tim Tams gained so much ground that at the end of the century, Arnott’s sold 30 million packs a year. The rest is history.

Fast-forward to today, and the quintessential Aussie snack is still selling like hot cakes. In 2008 it hit the American mainland when it was imported by Arnott’s sister company, Pepperidge Farm.

That was the slow but sure way for Tim Tam biscuit to gain its fans worldwide.

Next came a series of different flavour releases that built up Tim Tams’ reputation as Australia's best.

Here are some of the flavour variations that have been marketed from the 60's onward.

The History of Tam Tam Flavour Variations

In the 2000s, plenty of flavour varieties saw the light of day. So, we had the cream filling varieties of choc orange, honeycomb, chewy caramel, and white chocolate.

Dark chocolate also made its way to the market. Made with irresistible real chocolate, it was clapped and cheered by Tim Tam lovers.

2014 Choc brownie, red velvet, and salted caramel came out. The chef behind this scrumptious business was a renowned Aussie cook, Adriano Zumbo.
2015 2015 was when Tim Tam fans got to taste the new pineapple flavour, choc banana, and coconut cream.

Find Us an Aussie Who Doesn’t Crave That Familiar Crunchy Feel

Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits
Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits

Remember the last time you felt on top of the world as you nibbled on these heavenly chocolatey morsels? Now, step into the shoes of those who have never had a bite. Try to get a grasp of what they’re missing out on.

And yes, Tim Tams are a great choice for a gift if you’re looking for authentic Australian products. But if you also happen to have a friend or a family member with a serious sweet tooth, then Tim Tam is the perfect match.

The delicious combination of yummy cream filling, crunchy biscuits, and real chocolate icing will win them over.

The right balance of sugar and butter in the biscuit is what kicks off the burst of happy hormones.

That said, these chocolate-covered beauties are the perfect Aussie gift both to those who know what they are (and never wanted to part from this chocolaty goodness), as well as those who have never tasted them. 

Both types of palates will hardly stay impartial towards it. 

Amazon Customer
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Where Can I Buy Tim Tam Cookies? 

I Still Call Australia Home sells authentic Aussie gifts, and some of our packages feature the iconic Tim Tams. They’re ready to be sent overseas at any given time.

Tim Tam Bush Bag  — Nostalgia Koala

Tim Tam Bush Bag  — Nostalgia Koala
Tim Tam Bush Bag — Nostalgia Koala

Get the best of Australia to your overseas friends and family with this unique Aussie treat collection. The feeling of home and the gush of pleasure upon munching the Tim Tams will make up for all the distance. 

The package comes in a 100% cotton tote bag containing a selection of Tim Tam biscuits, wallaby bites, and a bit of Australian native tea.

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Tim Tam Bush Bag  — Love Down Under

Tim Tam Bush Bag
Tim Tam Bush Bag

Those who share the appreciation for the Aussie people and culture will also love this Tim Tam collection. These Australian classics are the most popular gift choice sent by our lovely customers to America, the UK and more.

Send Tim Tams online alongside wallaby bites and some Australian-made tea against the backdrop of Aussie flora and fauna. Honestly, you can’t go more Australian than that.

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Tim Tams Chewy Caramel Choc Biscuits 

Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits
Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits

Want something slightly different but equally as good to share the Aussie love? Opt for the Tim Tam Chewy Caramel Biscuits as your gift of choice.

True Tim Tam enthusiasts will appreciate it.

Compared to the original biscuit flavour, this one is, well, you’ve guessed it — caramel-based.

The biscuit retains all the goodness people are raving about — two layers of chocolate malted biscuit, a creamy light chocolate layer, and a thin layer of textured chocolate. But here, you have the chewy caramel running through its centre, which is only a plus.

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Send the Quintessential Aussie Snack Worldwide

To sum up, even without our little history lesson, those who have tasted Arnott's Tim Tam know it’s the biscuit. It has gained worldwide fans thanks to the second-to-none taste sensation it produces.

Tim Tams are the quintessential Aussie snack, and few will argue that. So, all that’s left to do is send Australia's most popular gift to a friend.

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