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5 Australian-Themed Care Package Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Koala Love from Down Under Gift Hamper

Australians possess unique behaviours that you’ll not find anywhere else in the world. Some of these distinctive Australian qualities include:

  • Shaking their shoes vigorously before wearing them
  • Calling an afternoon ‘arvo’
  • Making pets out of spiders in their bathrooms
  • Lighting up like Christmas lights when it snows
  • Referring to everyone as ‘mate’

You’d think that that’s all there is to Australians, but no.

Australians have an unparalleled love for travelling, not only locally but also internationally.

It’s not possible to exhaust the list of reasons Australians love to travel but among them is:

  • Satisfying the insatiable thirst for adventure
  • Pursuing higher learning
  • Attending international conferences and events
  • Chasing business opportunities

But while abroad, they’ll still miss Australia from time to time. Momentarily, they’ll wish they had a piece of Australia to remind them of home.

Here comes a perfect opportunity to send your loved ones an Australian-themed care package.

However, finding the right care packages with an Australian theme can be arduous.

That’s why, to help you out, we have curated some of the best Australian-themed care packages.

Idea #1: Koala Love From Down Under

Did you know you can’t find koalas anywhere outside Australia?

Koalas hold a special place in the hearts of all Australians wherever they go. And this Koala Love From Down Under care package can’t get any more Australian than it already is.

care package, cheese, tin
Koala Love from Down Under

Here’s what it includes:

  • Angela koala toy
  • Byron Bay milk choc cookies
  • Tim Tam original chocolate biscuits
  • Manuka honey macadamias
  • Bush Walk candle
  • Keepsake box

Tina W Customer Review
Tina W. | Customer Review

Also, you’re free to add more treats to this koala-themed package. Grab two more packets of Tim Tam Original biscuits because one pack is never enough.

Idea #2: Bumper Aussie Care Package

When it comes to gifting care packages, the Bumper Aussie Care Package is the ultimate idea.

 fruit, curated, treats, loved
Bumper Aussie Care Package

It makes the perfect combo for celebration after your dear ones achieve big milestones. And if your goal is to truly spoil them, it's the best care package there is.

If you don’t believe us, here’s a heartfelt review from Heba B. who gifted this Bumper care package to her family in the US:

“My sister-in-law just received her resident visa to move herself and her three children. We were so excited so wanted to send them an Aussie hamper to show excitement and show them what they have to look forward to! Their response was priceless.

Thank you so much for the Aussie treats! What a wonderful surprise. Holly made a vegemite sandwich for her lunch tomorrow. I don’t think she’s had one since she was super little. Love you guys.”

It comprises all Australia’s goodness in one box, including:

  • Tim Tam originals
  • 200 g Allen’s snake alive
  • Lilli Pilli and kangaroo paw (plant) soap
  • Carmello koalas share pack
  • 200 g Arnott’s mint slice

Although there are more than enough snacks to last your loved ones  through an alien invasion, feel free to add more.

Idea #3: Tim Tam Swag Bags

Care packages should be fun and bring cheer to your most dearest.

The Tim Tam Swag Bags are vibrant, colourful, and embodied with Australia’s uniqueness. There are different themes to choose from:

  • Swimming Platypus 
  • Exotic Paradiso
  • Australian Nostalgia
  • Floral Paradiso

This is what Denise L. had to say when she bought her daughter this Tim Tam Swag Bag care package:

“Very impressed. My daughter was thrilled when she received it.”

Also, inside the Tim Tam Swag Bags are delicious Tim tams. 

Item Units Features
Tim Tam Tote Bag 1 100% Cotton
Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits 4 2 x Original 2 x Double Choc

You’re free to add more treats into the swag bag, too, including:

Idea #4: Once a Jolly Swagman Hamper

As far as care packages go, the Once a Jolly Swagman Hamper care package is quite interesting. You get to surprise your dear ones with a bottle of wine of your choosing.

Once a Jolly Swagman Hamper
Once a Jolly Swagman Hamper

It’s perfect for when they’re feeling under the weather and in need of some luxurious pampering to cheer them up.

Here’s a little of what it includes:

  • Bottle of wine
  • 75 g Roasted macadamias
  • Macadamia royals
  • 150 g Anzac biscuits
  • Gourmet crackers

Moreover, don’t let us or anybody else stop you from throwing in a packet of Twisties and a Violet Crumble bar into the mix.

Idea #5: Homesick Aussie Care Package

While being introduced to new cuisines is exciting, it’s hard not to miss the food back home. Some snacks like Tim Tams represent many childhood memories.

“Massive success as an “Aussie Easter Surprise” for my grandson in isolation in London.

Flatmates totally jealous as he ate Tim Tams while playing


Therefore, when your friends and family are missing you and Australia, this Homesick Aussie Care Package is perfect.

It’s filled with their favourite snacks that they’ll not only love but they’ll also remind them of all the reasons they love Australia.

Homesick Aussie Care Package
Homesick Aussie Care Package

What makes the Homesick Aussie Care Package special?

Here’s what it includes:

  • Personalised card
  • Tim Tam originals
  • Caramello koalas share pack
  • 300 g Anzac biscuits
  • Tim Tam double choc
  • 100 g Twisties
  • 200 g Milo chocolate drink
  • Keepsake box

And as it’s tradition here at I Still Call Australia Home, one is never enough. So go ahead and add all their favourite treats as Kate did for her cousin:

“My cousin was thrilled with the hamper. Added Violet Crumbles because they’re her favourite! It arrived in the States in good time.”

When to Send an Australian-themed Care Package?

We send care packages to share:

  • Joy
  • Comfort
  • Memories
  • Support

There’s never a bad time to send a care package. Neither should there be a reason to send one to a friend or family member. Sometimes, it’s enough to send a care package just because you want to.

However, there are days when it’s almost necessary to express a particular emotion through a thoughtful care package

Special Anniversaries

Anniversaries commemorate big moments in our lives. Times that defined fresh courses of life. There are unique events that are recognised as anniversaries. They include:

  • Wedding anniversary
  • Death anniversary
  • Friendaversary
  • Business launch anniversary

On these days, sending a care package conveys a lot of splendid memories and feelings.

It immortalises the day where it all began while offering a moment to stop and reflect on how far you’ve all come.

Mother’s Day

Mothers. Where would we be without them?

Mothers are to be celebrated every day. So when it’s Mother’s Day, it’s time to go the extra mile to appreciate these wonderful women in your life.

Mother's Day Gift Pack - Relaxing Sage

Often, mothers are always on the giving end. But on this day, it’s time to let them sit back, relax, and receive.

Book her a full day at the massage parlour and spa. Also, top her day with one of our amazing Mother’s Day care packages.

Father’s Day

Many a time, fathers receive less appreciation than mothers. Their role in the family is sometimes taken for granted.

But because they’re fathers, you’ll hardly hear them complaining.

That’s why it’s important on Father’s Day to go out of your way and show them some extra love.

You don’t have to buy them the latest four-wheel drive or fly them in a chartered private jet. However, that’d be mighty nice if you did.

But you can pack together a care package surprising him with the things he loves that remind him of Australia.

Missing Home

You’ve been there, haven’t you? That time when you’re feeling sad because you’re missing a particular person, place, or thing?

When your dear ones travel abroad, they discover new cuisines, cultures and traditions. Everything isn’t as they knew it back home.

At first, they enjoy all the unfamiliar experiences. They can’t wait to learn all the new things.

Then, out of nowhere, a wave of homesickness hits them. Suddenly, they’re craving vegemite, although they rarely use it back home. They want to eat Tim Tams, but the convenience stores don’t seem to have them.

Therefore, sending them an Australian-themed care package would do more than brighten up their day.


Holidays are always a perfect excuse to get those care packages we love, to express affection for our friends and family.

There’s a long list of holidays to celebrate:

Moreso, there are Australian-specific holidays:

Indeed, a holiday is an opportunity to pack a box of chocolates and other delicious treats for those dear to you. 

Where to Find and How to Send Australian-Themed Care Packages

Deciding on the special items to pack is just the first hurdle to sending an Australian-themed care package to those you care about.

The next hurdle is usually collecting all the items and packing them in boxes.

This requires visiting several stores and outlets, manually picking every item. By the time you’ve collected all the chocolate, treats, and snacks, you’re tired, and time’s running out.

And that’s not all. There’s finding the right box size and gift wrappings.

For someone with little time to spare, that’s a lot to do.

But what if you could find everything you want in one place? Even the boxes and the gift wrappings?

Here at I Still Call Australia Home, we pride ourselves as the:

Number one online destination for thoughtful, tasteful Australian made gifts and Australian designed gifts and gift hampers you’ll be proud to give.”

Everything Australian that you might wish to include in the care package boxes, we have it. All at the click of a button from the comfort of your home.

To add the cherry on top, we pack the care products in our custom-designed gift boxes.

How to Send Australian-Themed Care Packages

The last step is having your carefully put-together care package delivered to the ones you care about.

Why use us?

When sending gifts otherwise, you have to make a trip to the post office and queue for ages. Then there’s signing custom forms and paying taxes. After, all there is to do is hope the post office delivers your package without it getting lost.

But without a fair bit of research on how the process works, it can be difficult.

DIY Hamper

But there’s good news.

We not only curate the best Australian-themed care packages for you, but we also deliver them wherever you want them to go.

All you’ve got to do after selecting the right care package is write out the address of the intended recipients, and we’ll do the rest.

Benefits of sending your care packages with us include:

  • No more standing in long queues at the post office.
  • No more dealing with customs forms.
  • No more dealing with tax forms.
  • Delivery happens in four days or fewer.