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7 Fun Australian-Themed Socks You'll Love to Wear

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Before we jump right into fun-themed socks from Down Under, let’s indulge in a brief history lesson.

Have you ever wondered how socks came to be?

It’s kind of a funny story.

The cavemen wore socks first.

They wrapped their feet with animal skins and tied them around their ankles. This kept their feet warm and also protected them from cuts and bruises during hunts.

Later on, Roman and Greek actors would wear socks made from leather and matted animal hair, respectively.

Did you know that the oldest known pair of socks are red, have split toes and are 1600 years old?

Socks have evolved immensely over the past 1000 years. Long gone are the days for plain and boring.

Today, they’re not only a fashion statement but also a way of expression. They’re more colourful, vibrant and daring.

They’ve evolved further to include pictures of things that’ll melt your heart and have you smiling for no reason, and why not?

Life’s short, and you’re here to live and have fun.

So, let's sock and roll with these exclusive Aussie-themed socks.

Fun Aussie-themed Socks For Children

Walt Streightiff once said, “There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.”

Children are fascinated by almost everything—the prettier and brighter, the better.

Therefore, these fun-themed socks will awe them with wonders from Australia.

Kangaroo Emerald Green Socks

Children love kangaroos.

Who can blame them?

Roos are indigenous to Australia. Believe it or not, a kangaroo is a state symbol for the country. It’s in our Coat of Arms.

Moreover, the majestic marsupials can stand over 8-feet tall and hop to a height of 25 feet.

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Kangaroo Socks for Kids

If you’re looking for super fun-themed socks for kids from Down Under, these kangaroo-themed pairs are it.

Get the kids hopping around pretending to be joeys in the wild. While at it, share interesting facts about the lovable creatures.

For example, did you know a group of kangaroos is called a mob?

Wombat Socks

Wombats are the adorable-looking relatives of kangaroos, only way shorter.

Here are a few fun facts you didn’t know about wombats:

  • Standing on their hind legs, some wombats are as tall as humans. They can grow as long as 1 metre.
  • They’re quite territorial. They mark their territory by rubbing their scent on trees and grunting at intruding animals.
  • Their droppings are cube-shaped to serve two purposes: attracting mates and marking territory.
  • Their teeth are ever-growing.
  • They fight their enemies using their butts.

And that’s not all.

A group of wombats is called wisdom. Yes, the wisdom of wombats is quite a thing.

Wombat Socks for Kids

Humour your children with these wombat-themed socks that’ll surely tickle their little feet. 

Fun Aussie-themed Socks For Women

Women have different socks specifically designed for each occasion and shoe type. For instance, there are no-show socks for sneakers and ankle boots.

Then, there are our show-off happy socks that are bright, beautiful and funny to look at. They’re covered with unique animals and breathtaking landscapes that make up the heart of Australia.

Blue Mountain Socks - Fairy Wrens

The Blue Mountain Fairy Wrens Socks are bright pink and navy socks featuring the superb fairy-wren.

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Blue Mountain Socks - Fairy Wrens (Womens)

Fun facts about this bird:

  • It’s tiny, averaging about 14 centimetres.
  • During courtship, male wrens pluck and display yellow petals to female wrens.
  • Dads sing to their eggs to get attentive chicks.

Whale Socks - Blue

Whether it’s time for Netflix and chill or time to snuggle up with a book and a hot cup of chocolate, you can never go wrong with these whale-themed socks.

Whale Socks Blue (Womens)
Whale Socks Blue (Womens)

Whale-watching in Australia makes for a great tourist attraction.

Every year between May and November, Australia enjoys one of the most spectacular show-off displays by humpback whales on the eastern coastline. This is during their migration from Antarctica to subtropical waters for mating and breeding.

Watching whales is spellbinding. They bring about a sense of wonder and other-worldliness in their uniqueness.

Did you know whales can sing?

Whales are exceptionally social and playful, making this pair fun, with Australia written all over them.

Waratah Socks - Gold

Waratah Socks Gold Womens
Waratah Socks Gold Womens

Waratah is a flower that’s used as a state emblem for New South Wales.

They’re often large, showy and bright red. The 2-inch to 6-inch dome-shaped flower heads can contain between 10 to 150 florets.

They’re also known as perfect flowers because they have both male and female reproductive systems.

Additionally, the flower is the name and emblem of the Waratah rugby team. The team mainly represents New South Wales in Super Rugby.

These gold-coloured waratah socks invoke a light-hearted feel that makes you cheerful.

If anything, they’re the embodiment of happy feet warmers.

Fun Aussie-Themed Socks For Men

While women’s and children’s socks tend to be outgoing with bright colours, men’s socks have retained their plain look.

However, times are changing, and men are daring to infuse fun colours with their outfits.

It’s not just at home where they wear them, but also at workplaces, conferences and social events.

Ready to add colour and vibrance to your everyday men’s socks?

Possum Socks - Grey

Possums are cute, fluffy and nocturnal marsupials that often frequent Aussie backyards.

A male and a female possum are known as Jack and Jill, respectively, while a baby is called a joey.

Possum Socks Grey
Possum Socks Grey

Moreover, while they’re mainly herbivores, they eat eggs, rats and insects too.

Like kangaroos, possums are iconic to Australia.

That’s why grabbing these possum grey men’s socks won’t only spice up your closet, but you’ll also have Australia at your feet.

Banksia Socks - Pink

Banksia Socks Pink
Banksia Socks Pink

Banksia is one of Australia's favourite coastal blooms. They’re often a shade of yellow with flower spikes.

Here are a few fun facts about banksia:

  • Also known as Honeysuckle since the flowers are honey-scented.
  • They can grow to a height of 98 feet.
  • In eastern Australia, they bloom in autumn, while in West Australia, they bloom in spring.
  • Each spike has hundreds or thousands of flowers.

Did you know that banksia is believed to symbolise new beginnings?

Thus, these banksia men’s socks make great gifts for when you or your dear ones are beginning something new like:

  • Moving to a new place.
  • Starting a job.
  • Starting a new life chapter.

Ready to Rock Fun-themed Socks Inspired by Australia?

I Still Call Australia Home is the number one stop-shop for all gifts rocking fantastic themes from Australia.

For more happy socks filled with different wonders from Down Under, check out our amazing and thoughtful collection for a variety of fun themes to choose from.

Moreover, whether they’re for you or your loved ones, we’ll deliver them anywhere in Australia as well as abroad.

Featured Image: Unsplash by The Creative Exchange