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Australian Baby Gifts for Overseas

Australian Baby Gifts for Overseas

Do you know someone having a baby that loves Australian gifts? Or is bringing a new 'Aussie' life into the world overseas perhaps into London, Manchester, New York, Toronto, or elsehwere in the UK, America, or Canada?

Perhaps this new mini VIP about to be (or just) born is to Australian parents overseas, or they're a good friend or family member of yours and you want to give them something lovely and special from Down Under?

*** How Exciting *** !!!!

We're here to help you with great selections of Australian themed baby gifts to say 'congratulations' and welcome to the world little one with the warmest of Australian smiles and hugs!

Check out our best sellers and most popular baby and toddler gifts below, or browse our Australian baby gift range here.

1. Australian themed Baby Gifts for overseas - Koala Baby Gifts 

Koala Baby Gift Australia

Everybody loves babies, and everyone loves koalas - right?! 

Well - almost everybody then 😉


Why not get them a little koala baby outfit, like our popular one above? (click on the image for more).

There's nothing that sends love from Australia to a newborn or toddler like this sort of gift they'll love.

We've also got other koala gifts that other family members might like - why not check out all koala baby gifts here.

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Koala baby gifts blanketkoala baby greeting cardKoala snookie baby giftkoala toy australian made

2. Australian themed Baby Gifts for overseas - Baby Board Books with Australian Stories

blinky bill gift


Would you like to share some classic (or new) uniquely Australian tales with a little VIP? 

We think that's a birlliant idea!

Why not share the love of Blinky Bill, Snugglepot & Cuddlepie, and even Bluey with the next generation! 

I'm sure they'll love these Aussie stories that transport you to the Australian Bush and introduce them to native Australian flora & fauna just as much as you did. 


Australian baby story books giftgumnut babies board book giftsnugglepot and cuddlepie gumnut babies board book 

3. Australian themed Baby Gifts for overseas - Eating sets

baby dining set australian animals bamboo


Well - it's a universal truth that every baby no matter where they're born or who they're born to needs to eat!

And let's face it - they're GOING to need a bib to catch all those lovely dribbles!


So why not help the parents out and make eating time fun and Australian with these cute gift ideas?

koala bib organicbaby gifts from australia


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