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How to do the Tim Tam Slam!

how to do the tim tam slam!

Have you ever heard of the Tim Tam Slam?! No? Maybe?

Well, you are in for a TREAT my friend - it's not the normal biscuit 'dunk' you might be thinking of - it's way more fun, explosive and exciting!!!

If you are uninitiated, the 'Tim Tam' is an Australian chocolate biscuit, similar to the 'Penguin' biscuits found in the UK - a chocolate covered biscuit with chocolate cream (see more below). We Aussies LOVE them and they're at the heart of every Australian home.

The 'Tim Tam Slam' is a fun and DELICIOUS way to enjoy this classic Aussie biscuits at any time of day or night.

While the discovery of the Tim Tam itself are well documented, it's unclear who created the Tim Tam slam - a big shout out to that clever genius, wherever they now roam.

So without further ado... let's do the Tim Tam slam!!! 


How to do the Tim Tam Slam


  • 1 x Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuit - any flavour but Tim Tam Originals are the best
  • 1 x hot beverage of choice - but we think best with coffee!
  • 1 x napkin

Step 1: How to do the Tim Tam Slam - Choose!

step 1 choose your favourite

Choose your favourite Tim Tam (we'd say 'fav' in Strine - cos 'favourite' has got 2 - too - many syllables).

Any flavour Tim Tam will do - caramel, double--choc, crafted flavours, white choc...

... (fyi we love the Tim Tam Originals the best)!

You can pause a moment if you like, to admire the beauty of your 1 x single Tim Tam. 🥰🥰🥰

Step 2: How to do the Tim Tam Slam - Bite off the corners

tim tam slam step 2 bite corners off

Step 2 is about taking your 1 x biccie, and creating a 'straw' effect.

Top tip... if you're a bit of a tidy person, you're going to need your napkin to scoop up some crumbs you're about to drop!

So first you have to bite off one corner; and then bite off the diagonally opposite corner.

Job done - noice (that's how we say 'nice' in Strine).

You also have to resist the temptation to bite off any more of this biscuit otherwise you're going to be in trouble in the next step!

So keep those corner bites small-ish.

Step 3: How to do the Tim Tam Slam - Get ready!

step 3 tim tam slam get readyStep 3 is added because Step 4 happens in quick succession ...

.... so from previous experience ...

this isn't a 'oooo - dunk and look at the biscuit melt .... and then think about putting it in your mouth... kind of step...

... it's a rapid succession of steps here where you're really going to need to focus people!

Step 4: How to do the Tim Tam Slam - Go for it!

Step 4 is all about the SLAM.

tim tam slam

You need to hold your biscuit like a straw, with your mouth close to your hot drink.

In one move, you need to suck on your biscuit so that the hot beverage comes up through the Tim Tam like a straw into your mouth, and - quickly now - 

once the liquid has come through the biscuit, put the WHOLE biscuit immediately into your mouth and enjoy the Tim Tam flavour-bomb! 


A chocolatey explosion you can only get this one way.

Famous Aussies doing the Tim Tam Slam

Here's famous Australian singer (originally actress from famous Aussie soap opera Neighbours) - Natalie Imbruglia - teaching Graham Norton in the UK how to do what she calls a 'Tim Tam Explosion' (more traditionally called the tim tam slam!).

The History of the Tim Tam Biscuit by Arnotts

TheTim Tam Biscuit as it is known today, was founded by Ian Norris in the 1950s. At the time, Ian was Director of food technology for Australia's famous biscuit company,Arnotts.

He took a trip to the UK looking for new biscuit inspiration in the late 1950s, and came across a chocolatey penguin, and decided to export it back to Australia and make his own version.

By 1964, these new biscuits were being made and were immediately popular.  

He took the name 'Tim Tam' from the horse who won the Kentucky Derby in 1958, during the time of his UK visit.

Ever since then, Tim Tams have continued their popularity in Australia and also been exported and even manufactured overseas in America. 

They are considered a 'classic Aussie biscuit' and are much loved by Aussies living near and far 💖💖💖

While International companies have purchased Arnott's biscuits and the company has changed hands over the years (first in 2011, to Campbell Soup Company in America, then more recently to a Private Equity firm in Asia); the biscuits are still manufactured in Australia, and the company headquarters is also still in Australia - employing over 2,000 Aussie staff. Yes.

Aren't we lucky Ian Norris made that trip to the UK all those years ago?

Where would we all be without our beloved Tim Tam?!