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australian food and wine how to send overseas

How to send Australian food and wine overseas? Carefully, is the first response that comes to mind.

Sending foodstuffs overseas is an intricate and specialised business.

Don’t attempt to package and courier an exquisite bottle of Australian wine internationally without reading this guide first.

Otherwise, your Australian wine probably won’t make it to its destination—though there might be a tipsy customs official somewhere along the route that’ll appreciate your efforts.

Okay, jokes aside.

Let’s answer your important questions.

Can You Send Tim Tams Overseas?

Koala Love from Down Under
Koala Love from Down Under

Sending Aussie care packages overseas is what we do.

Getting your favourite Tim Tams sent to your family in the US for a special occasion is one way to send homegrown Aussie love worldwide.

We’ll give you the lowdown on how to courier Australian food and wine overseas speedily while avoiding any customs delays.

How to Send Australian Food Overseas?

Gift baskets with authentic Australian food and wine sent worldwide for any occasion
Bumper Aussie Care Package

When considering how to send Australian food and wine overseas as a gift, keep in mind our team at I Still Call Australia Home does this daily—we’re here to help you.

When you want to send gift hampers to the USA, or any other international countries, there are a few crucial dos and don'ts to consider.

Do’s Don'ts
  • Don’t send a food parcel internationally without checking local customs requirements.
  • Don’t send perishable food.
  • Don’t send liquids such as olive oil.
  • Don’t forget to obtain all relevant permits for sending food hampers with liquids in them.

How to Send Australian Wine Hampers Overseas?

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When you courier Australian wine overseas in gift baskets, customs will charge you import taxes and duties in the receiving country.

You'll also need additional permits.

See more detailed information on shipping below.

Gift baskets with wine to the USA or Canada via regular mail might not be delivered. Extremely strict customs regulations make it near impossible. Fortunately, at I Still Call Australia Home we only use approved couriers and can get gift baskets with non-perishable foods to the USA delivered effortlessly.

  • Sending wine to the UK and Japan is pretty easy. The approximate tax for one, 750ml 14.0% ALC/VOL wine bottle (at the time of publishing) is $15.
  • Taxes in Germany, France, or anywhere in Northern Europe are exuberant—the same bottle of wine can be taxed up to $60.
  • We don’t export Alcohol to the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Ireland, or NZ.
Do’s Don'ts
  • Don’t send a wine parcel internationally without checking local customs requirements.
  • Don’t forget to obtain all the relevant permits for sending alcohol hampers.
  • Don’t send wine hampers to the USA with regular mail.

Do I Require Special Documentation?

When you send food and wine to other countries outside Australia, you need customs documentation.

It’s best to talk to a local courier about international customs requirements. You can also check the Australia Post International Guide as they are very clear about what needs to be marked on your parcel if you send food gift hampers.

  • You may avoid paying duties and taxes if it’s below a certain limit in some countries.
  • To do so, the hamper must not contain alcohol, and you must clearly mark your package, “Gift—personal use only”.

Other countries will charge you regardless, so it’s best to check.

The most convenient way to send food and wine overseas as gifts is to pick one of our carefully combined hampers and let us do all the heavy international customs lifting for you.

What Is the Most Affordable Way to Have Gift Baskets Delivered Worldwide?

Sending gifts internationally with I Still Call Australia Home is your most affordable solution
Compare International Shipping Costs

I Still Call Australia Home is your best option for various reasons on top of our world-class service and competitive prices.

Australia Post will not transport food or wine overseas. Your best bet is to use couriers like FedEx that specialise in such logistics.

There’s a massive difference between sending gift baskets via a courier, Australia Post or I Still Call Australia Home:

  • Using a courier may do the job and give you excellent service, but you’ll still have to pay local taxes and duties on top of their fee.
  • You’ll need to notify the courier if you don’t want the receiver to pay local taxes and duties on delivery. This way they will charge the fees back to your credit card.
  • Cost of taxes and duties are unique in all countries and always apply to alcohol—whether for personal gift baskets or commercial pieces.
  • At I Still Call Australia Home we charge you a one-off, flat fee upfront. What you see is what you get. There are no hidden or additional charges later on.

Are There Countries That Are Easier to Send to Than Others?

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Certain countries have additional local requirements for a sanitation certificate could cause difficulty and delays. We recommend you avoid sending any type of food, wine, or body products (e.g. hand creams and soaps) to these countries if possible.

  • Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, and Peru (to name a few) are extremely difficult to get food and wine into—from Australia or any other country.
  • Sending alcohol and food to the UK and Japan is often easier, with very few restrictions.
  • Sending food to France, Germany, and China is fine. Although we can technically send alcohol to France, Germany, and China, we tend to avoid it as the cost of taxes and duties is prohibitive.

How to Get Your Hamper Delivered: More Information

HomeSick Aussie Care Package
HomeSick Aussie Care Package

What Next?

If you’re eager to get some much-needed Aussie treats to the USA or other international destinations, let our friendly experts help.

Sending gifts to your loved ones is what we’re all about.

All you have to do is choose any of our top-class Australian collections, and we’ll do the rest.

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