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Chocolate Bilby - Darrell Lea

Chocolate Bilby - Darrell Lea

This delicious Australian Bilby milk chocolate is the most Australian way to celebrate Easter!

Not only does it taste delicious, but a donation is made to the Australian Save the Bilby fund too. The money raised will help support the National Breeding Program and Facility along with the National Recovery team. 


  • 100g Milk Chocolate Bilby
  • 20c donation to Save The Bilby Fund for every chocolate bilby sold


Bilby ancestors have been found as fossilised remains dating back 15 million years which make them a very special species. They have been an intrinsic part of the landscape across 70% of the Australian mainland for all that time.

Bilbies are now only found in small areas in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South West Queensland. Until recently, Australia had two species of Bilbies the Greater Bilby and the Lesser Bilby. The Lesser Bilby is already believed to be extinct. The Greater Bilby is the largest member of the bandicoot family.

Bilbies are a scientific ‘flagship’ species. This means that their protection is even more important because they’re survival in turn increases the chances of 16 other threatened species and countless others who share the same habitats and threatening processes in the wild. Bilbies are one of nature’s eco engineers, they play a really important part in the restoration of soil and rejuvenation of vegetation in arid Australia.

Saving the Bilby from extinction also means saving other native species plus it will help restore the critically important ecosystems at play in arid Australia.

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